Monday, July 20, 2009


Until about two hours ago, my day was going spectacularly well.

At work, I was trained as one of the fitting room people, which I also adore. It's glorified coat hanging with actual interaction with people. It's fun and constant and fast, time flies by! I had only a bowl of reduced-sugar oatmeal (110cals) for breakfast and two carrots throughout the day (about 70) for lunch and snack, so I was on a pre-fast high. I had fun - even though the dang hangers broke 4 of my nails! Tear. I'll have to re-do them after this whilst I watch True Blood.

Then, I went to the gym right after and did an hour on the elliptical (-650) and some stretching, weights and abs for about 30 mins (-100). So I had had about a 570 cal deficit... which was awesome. So, feeling confident, I jumped on the legit scale at the gym.

FML. Guess who gained weight? Me.

To make it worse, we had people over tonight so we had bbq for dinner. I tried and tried to get out of it, but my mom made me eat something... thank fully I got away with a plain veggie patty (180), some veggies and a teeeeny tiny slice of pumpkin pie (apparently pie is obligatory, UGH).

So there goes my day. Tomorrow I really want to fast and if I can hold off past my meeting after work (so, for about 3 hours at home) and bs my way out of family dinner... life will be good. I got an at least 1hour Rollerblade promised to me, so that will also help. My mother considers me her motivator (she's about 40ilbs clinically overweight) so I can get away with dragging her ass around exercising, thank god. After I watch True Blood, I'm going for a walk/ trampoline.

Congrats to those who are fasting, and once again thanks for comments. Sorry to disappoint everyone, I promise I'll lose it all by the end of the week. <3


Dot said...

Awe, you aren't a disappointment! You just had to eat with your family and it sounds like you really didn't eat all that much today. and the weight you gained could very well have just been water weight. I'm sure you'll be down by the end of the week too! Don't lose hope <3
Sounds like you're doing great with the exercise!
Stay strong <3

Anonymous said...

Don't let the gain disturb you, I'm sure you will lose it all by the and of the week :)
Good luck tomorrow <33
Oh and btw, I love True Blood :P

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