Sunday, July 5, 2009

143.5, Impending Doom and Excitement

I was holding off weighing (half because of anxiety, half because of tomorrow's trip to the dreaded/awesome amusement park) but this morning, I couldn't resist and had to jump on that annoying thing. It read 138.5. I had a mini-heart attack, and immediately called BULLSHIT. Sure, that would be awesome, but I certainly have not lost 10+ pounds in the last week. Sooo at the gym today, I jumped on the professional scale (I usually go by this one because it measures higher and more realistic) and it read 143.5. Excuse me while I SQUEAL with delight. That's about 6 pounds in the last 7-ish days.

I've actually forgotten how amazing losing fat feels. I'm not a muscle-y person... definitely fit and more muscle than fat (about 22% body fat), so when I lose weight there is an immediate difference... So happy right now. I was ecstatic and smiling like a mad-man when I waltzed into Walmart later on to buy some diet pills (I got SlimQuick because my mom is on them too and if I accidentally leave the bottle out or something I can pass it off as hers and use the "I felt bloated excuse") and reward myself with some organic chai tea. My dad and mom only drink Earl Grey, and your basic Orange Pekoe so I have to buy my own. I have, of course, the ever-needed stash of Green tea but that gets boring real quick. Chai feels like a cheat hot-chocolate to me. Still 0 cals though!

Speaking of which, intake counts for today...
Mango - 135
Carrot - 30
8 ounce low fat yogurt - 80
Green tea - 0
Chai tea - 0
Total: (+)245

Elliptical (1hr) - 600
Callisthenics and weights (45mins) -140-ish
Walk (25mins) - 90
Total: (-)870

Doom is impending... there is an amusement park trip tomorrow with a bunch of friends. Now, we all know the food at theme parks constitutes heart attacks on a bun. I, thankfully, persuaded my friends to have a picnic and pack lunches. I have a large-looking lunch packed, but it only comes in at 170 cals, 54 of that is negative food. I'm also bringing a Curves 100cal snack bar to curb the sweet tooth around dinner, but lets be honest here, something will call me and I won't be able to resist! I've come to terms with that, and I will allow myself ONE calorie and fat-ridden treat tomorrow, whether it be ice-cream or mini-donuts (always small/kiddie size ;P). If I can help it, I'll find a friend to go with to Jugo Juice or the frozen yogurt place and get something there, but I doubt my friends will let me get away with that. Oh well. We're there for a good 12 hours, walking around for even a fraction of that time will burn some calories.

Lacking of money is always a good excuse too.

Once I get past that and accept the fact of one treat, I'm super excited. I'm a ride junkie and I can not wait for the adrenaline rush! I am, actually, pretty much just stoked on life atm.

I have another dilemma, however, regarding jobs. Winners seems fail proof - close to school, the gym and home; also importantly not close to any fast food places. However, they want to hire me for full time 30-ish hours a week. I'm okay with that, it'll keep me busy, but... it’s also summer. I've never worked a full-time summer job, so I don't know what that actually means. Urban Trade, though, isn't opening till August, and only needs part-times. I'd love to work at the mall, but obviously I'm losing out on a months income. And it is NOT close to school, the gym, or home. But I'd love to work at the mall. It also means I could just chill this month... I don't know. At this point, I'm thinking Winners despite the hours... maybe I'll talk to the manager on Tuesday and ask if they'd still hire me part-time.

I always feel bad writing such long posts, even though no one reads them... sorry? Haha.

<3 Wish me luck tomorrow!


Lily of the Valley said...

I am currently reading your posts, and so are 3 other persons. Good Luck on the weight loss and job!!!

Lola said...

Aw, I read your posts! How did the amusement park go? <3

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