Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Control? Ha.

Yeah, today started off fantastic. Work was spectacularly fun - I love the fast-paced, repetitiveness of the warehouse. Moreover, it's a great workout. I was SORE, how pathetic is that. Obviously haven't lifted 50ilb boxes of toys and clothes recently...

Then, I came home and couldn't think of anything besides food. That passed, then returned and cycled (I had had a 50cal "lunch" of yogurt and berries) until dinner. I distracted myself by watching Memoirs of a Geisha - which is one of my favorite books and movies) and playing AoM (age of mythology). Why? Cause I'm a nerd like that. And I won all 4 rounds on Hard. 8D

Then, Dad made delicious veggie pasta and herb chicken as a family meal.... I had more than I should have, and I feel like I had a major major binge, but I ate on a tiny kids bowl, like 1/3cup of pasta per serving... so despite my appalling 3 semi-full plates of food... eh. I don't have the energy to care today.

It was rainy again today, so my exercise will constitute the half-hour walk to the theatre tonight. I'm bringing berries and water to snack on, so I don't look like a fool. If I /must/ there is a TCBY which sells nofat, no sugar added frozen yogurt cups at like 90cals a serving.

I'll get on better track tomorrow, promise. I have a full girls day tomorrow - the day with one of my girlfriends who is broke so no buying food there, and a movie night. Secret weapon? GUM and SUCKERS. I hope to get to the gym to get a accurate weight... my home scale is down though... not sure it will be after tonight. I feel surprisingly neutral about it.

Congrats to all the ladies still fasting.

Thanks, Dot, your comment means a lot to me. <3


Dot said...

It sounds like you burned so many calories at work I wouldn't be worried about the pasta! Especially if the servings were small. It probably wasn't to much damage. I'm sure tomorrow will better! I know you can reach your goals! I can tell from your posts that you're the kind of person that sees something through to the end : D
I love Memoirs of a Geisha! I totally inspires my weight loss actually!
Have fun tomorrow with your girls day!
Stay Strong <3

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