Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Getting into gear

Winners called, and I got hired! Orientation tomorrow, and I am pretty stoked. I'm still not sure about the hours, but I figure the best idea is to work hard for two weeks and show them what a great employee I am then ask for a reduction in hours if I need it. That way, there is little-to-no chance that they'll turn around and go, "Ehhh, no we'll just hire someone else."

I got that call on the way to the gym, so I was just bouncin' and then jumped on the scale out of compulsion. Number is down, but I'm going to update once a week because I understand that it could be water weight or that something might happen and I don't want to freak out about it.

I work tonight at the restaurant. I've been working casually as a hostess for a few years now and I mostly like it. In the summer, it's pretty slow so I just bring a notebook and some pens, maybe a crossword book and chill. The worst part is working around food, and the fact that the manager keeps a stash of jelly-beans and gummies in the hostess stand... so tempting. Otherwise, it's great. I work tonight, and on Friday. These next three days are gonna be busy but I love that.

Just a quick update, <3


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