Saturday, July 4, 2009

Quick Edit

I was looking up the amount of calories in a mango, and the "fact" that it was a negative calorie food came up. Not that one could really not count it because of that but it's an interesting theory...

What do you all think about "negative calorie foods"?


Yasmine said...

Negative Calorie foods just mean that basically, that the amount of calories you've eaten, it takes the same amount of calories digest it & stuff.

They're great. (:

Yasmine. xx

Clem said...

I know the concept behind them... exactly what Yasmine described above. But I still count the calories because a) I'm paranoid like that and b) I always assumed digestion was accounted for in a person's resting metabolic rate.

Thanks for the read and comment, btw :), and good luck with your goals!


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