Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So, This One Time...

So this one time I spent 16 hours at an amusement park...! Yeah, yeah. It was unbelievably fun. The girlfriend I went with is so fun, and we're so alike... she really pushed me to try rides (I'm such a scaredy-cat when it comes to rides!) that I would never have done myself. I usually get pretty anxious in crowds, but we kept moving and kept talking enough so I didn't think about it hardly at all. More impressively, at least for me, was that there was a concert on the grounds and I spent 3hours in the mosh pit! A) it was only my 3rd live concert, and B) the first time in a mosh pit. 5000 + people! We started in the 15th row and ended up in first. I took a candy-apple to the shoulder, but it was SO worth it. It's crazy how, yes, you're all trying to reach the same goal - the front of the stage - but at the same time you're looking out for each other... picking gum out of hair, yelling at people who throw things... it was good times.

I was a little scared throughout the day about food, because I knew if I ate nothing I would get sick on the first ride. But, thankfully, I avoided nearly everything that came my way. In the end, the damage was about 1400 which looking at now is scary, but considering the entire day was spent walking/moshing I'm not even second guessing it.

I also felt kind of bad because we talked about eating disorders on the way home. My friend is over-weight and round, but I honestly can not see her any thinner, she just pulls it off so effortlessly. I hate lying to her and saying I don't get it. It brought me to thinking about whether or not I classified myself as having an eating disorder... and I don't know yet. It's a scary title to have. It brings about so many negative thoughts, and the thought of the inevitable recovery or the hospitalization extreme is frightening. It doesn't make me want to stop losing weight though. I'll have to stew over it more.

Today, I didn't wake up until 1pm, so I didn't accomplish much other than cleaning the house and a nice 40 min walk. Kept intake below 300 cals easily, unfortunately it was all consumed in one take because my mom came home early and -to avoid one of her meals of pasta and meat sauce- made some eggs and had a yogurt for desert. She's getting suspicious again, which is annoying, but what ever.

After jumping on the sketchy scale here at home, it read 135, which is not right at all but is down from the last time. I got all happy about it again then caught a glimpse in the mirror and starting examining... So far to go yet. I'm starting to wonder if 130 is going to be only my first goal. I'm almost there, yet no where close to how I want to look.

Time has just flown by today, it feels like I just got up and its already past bedtime for my full day tomorrow.


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