Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ever had one of those days where you go to bed... and you don't truely remember what you did, or felt, or accomplished that day? Both friends canceled on me; one got grounded, one got asked out. I wasn't sad, or annoyed.

I don't even have a feeling about the food I ate, or didn't eat, or how I ate it. Or what exercise I did (except for the major wipe out I had while rollerblading).

I've been up for about 10 hours, and I'm going back to sleep.

Just one of those days.

I just looked down at my "last draft saved" thing; 11:11. I know what I wish for.


pokerface said...

I'm having one of those days today. Don't worry, it'll pass. Just take it as an opportunity to relax. Tomorrow's a new day and all that jazz. :)

Dot said...

You sound like me on one of my dissociative days : (
I hope today is better for you ; )
At 11:11 I always wish to lose weight!
Stay strong <3

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