Friday, July 24, 2009

Everyday is spendliforous!

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Oh! I don't even know where to start! These last few days have been so up and down, my head is in a whirl.

Firstly, and primarily why I'm in such a good mood (if you can't tell), is because I've maintained 140ilbs for the past 3 days, so I know that's where I am! It made me so unbelievably happy to be back to that number, because there is safe. I want to lose more, but, for now, here is safe and bottom line. NO MORE! Anyways, it was a perfect set up for my shopping spree today. I've had this 100$gift card to the local mall just stewing in my wallet since Christmas, but I haven't felt confident or happy enough to actually go out and shop till I drop. 100$ might not seen like much, but I shop clearance. The damage in the end was 1dress, 3shirts, 1shorts and 1cardigan. Then, my mom and I bought a pair of shoes we can both wear, but she paid.

It felt SO great to go out and have the confidence to slip into clothes and look in the mirror and find yourself looking GOOD in them. Albeit, there is still some problem areas (thighs, omg), but my stomach has slimmed down nicely. I even tried on a size 0 dress - and it fit everywhere except for around my hips. If there was 2 more inches of fabric... They only had a size 0 and a size 6, so oh well.

ALSO I went electronics shopping and I can get a Canon DSL on a payment plan for like 20$ a month for a year...I can TOTALLY do that. So okay with it. Means I can get an mp3 now and a camera now, but pay it off - I am working after all. My parents also FINALLY replaced my stolen bike with a nice, lightweight mountain bike/commuter bike. I can exercise more and get around easier now, so that's spectacular.

I just reread this post so far and it sounds so pathetically teenage. Not that it's bad... that's just not usually how I am... So now I have to speed-tidy my room and dress, then I'm off to a movie. I have more to say, but I have to run. Enjoy this little burst of girlishness - it rarely happens with me!


(p.s this shot is one of my favs from Jamaica).


Dot said...

It doesn't sound pathetically teenage at all silly! It's a wonderful inspiring post! And I'm so happy for you!!!!! < 3 <3 <3 I looked over and saw it say 140 on your profile and was like, "She did it! I knew she could!".
I'm so excited for you. You've totally inspired me ; D
And you posted another beautiful pictures. I really like it. Even more than the last one. So elegant.
I can't believe you almost fit in the size 0. That is amazing. You should post before and after pics!
You are so strong <3 Keep it up!
I think $100 is a lot!

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