Sunday, July 19, 2009


Crappy eating day. Didn't worry about it until I sat down to blog. Weekends destroy me.

I've found a new motivator though. My friend and I want to host a Bollywood-themed party in my backyard later in August. As the hosts, he and I want to go FULL OUT on the costumes. Means belly showing, so it better be flat and toned by then other wise I'll look like a fool now won't I? It's a good motivator and it may even get me through the family reunion at the end of this month. I'll post a pic of the costume if it happens. I want it to be something like this... but in green.

I might fast tomorrow to get back on track. I hate cutting cold turkey though, so I'll probably have a 200 cal day, then fast Tuesday... sounds like a plan to me. I'm sorry I haven't been updating my weight, I'm kind of ashamed because at one point I was down to like 135, but then I yo-yoed back to 140 and have been keeping around there. So, I'll work out tomorrow then weigh and update (as long as it's down... I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't tho).

Went to a street festival and bought some coconut jewelry... and ALL 5 PIECES are broken. B-S. Totally crushed because I love coconut jewelry. I'll run to the local crafts store and whittle down some parts and try and make them work... Cause they're sooo pretty. I'll take some pics later. It was really fun and had some good food. I wore a strapless top (first time in.... ever) and I loved it because my shoulders and naturally prominent collarbones are something I love about my body. That made me happy.

Big work day tomorrow - my first real, 8-hour shift. I'm kind of scared, but i'm sure it'll be fine. This sounds weird, but the way the aprons are made, they're actually quite flattering! Camouflages the massive belly and creates a nice waist... oi that's sad.

The title refers to my friend, Oce, who is this massive female wrestler, totally buff and gorgeous but was forced to quit wrestling. I kind of half-told her about this back in January when I was intense into weight loss... and now she's having similar feelings. Oh jesus, this could be really good, or really bad. I laugh because she was very against my feelings about my body.

Karma is a bitch.


Dot said...

A bollywood themed party! :D How fun! I took a class on indian cinema last semester and saw a lot of old bollywood films.
I bet you'll look so amazing in your outfit for it! You will have to post pictures!
I'm fasting tomorrow.
Im sorry about your jewelry : ( I hope you can fix it.
I'm sure if you work extra hard this week you'll be back down to 135
; )
Stay strong and good luck at work tomorrow! <3

Dot said...

Awe you are so sweet : D I'm glad you like my comments because I love your blog <3

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