Saturday, July 4, 2009

Feels good to be back

Today, I have consumed a mango. 135 calories. I've done 300-ish cals-blasting.

I saw a movie, ate no popcorn or drank pop. Actually, the movie we saw was Public Enemies. It was actually fantastic! Johnny Depp is still a babe, while still being serious and acting with no trace of Jack Sparrow. Perhaps there will be more on this later, I went with Wizzard after all... he tried to get me to kiss him. Awkward.

Anywho -- I'm off to a year-end concert where there will be food and drink, but I have already set up a stomach-ache story with my chaperon (one of my friends that I always party with - she's mormon, though, so I call her my chaperon because she never gets drunk or too out-of-control) so I plan on not eatting there either, but I may have to have some pop or something - yay for aspertame.

It's been a really, really splendid day.

The title of this entry is "feels good to be back" because for the first time in a while, I feel alive. I smile without needing to. I walk happily, think about things. It's not numb any more.

It's also the first day in almost 2 months that I've had a deficient intake. A seriously deficient intake.



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