Monday, July 13, 2009

Made it through the wildahness

Sorry, I felt like singing and that's what came out...


Yeah. After reading comments, I am in a much better mood <3 you all so much. Just an update, because I said I would - I made it through the day successfully.
Tomorrow, I'll ease myself back into something. It pained me though, my fam. bought a pint of blueberries (my favorite in the whole world) and with a family of 6, they were gone in no time at all. Oh well. There are some frozen ones to have later.

Going to the Harry Potter midnight show tomorrow night... cause I'm cool like that. No, actually, I wasn't planning on going.... but one of my acquaintances asked me to go. Either as a non-direct date or as a last resort... either way I'm good with it.

I think it was Dot who asked me to post a picture... Hair is a little longer now, but basically the same.

Work early tomorrow, good luck all who are still fasting, <3 you


Dot said...

OMG! You are so pretty! I seriously thought you had posted a picture of a model and then read it was you! I think you could definitely model once you get to your goal weight! : D

Good job today! I love all kinds of berries. They are the most wonderful thing to much on. My favorite our black berries <3 So I commend you for keeping to your plan.

Yay Harry Potter! I'm sooo excited to see it! : D

Stay Strong <3

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