Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolution

Well, it's 2010. For me, without a shadow of a doubt, it is going to be a year of endings. I will finish my life as a public-school attendee; I will graduate high school and accomplish the first major milestone in my academic life. Yet, it will also be a year of great beginnings. I will start university and become independent as an adult and as a person - fully and completely - and I will embark on a completely new road of life.

I'm not one who believes in resolutions - I break mine too often. But, this year, as much as I want to list: a) lose weight, b) get a guy, c) graduate with a 85%+ average etc etc I have something more broad in mind. It's something that, I think, is going to essentially cover everything, yet I am not defining how to go about it.

In 2010, I resolve to move on.

I resolve to move on from the stupidity and hurtful scars inflicted by my peers in Elementary school and Jr. High. I resolve to take family life in stride and to always remember that, beyond the years of verbal, physical and emotional abuse and neglect, they are my family. And I resolve to move beyond the mirror, beyond my plate, beyond my blade and beyond this blog to embrace my issues and my scars and to, finally, truly and sincerely begin to disassemble the pristine mask that is plastered permanently across my face. I resolve to move on from what everyone knows me to be and what I think I should be in response in order to begin to become who I am.

Think I can do it?

(p.s - last year, one of my nyr's was to live a gr.12 life I would want to remember - so for the first time I spent new years with 8 of my closest friends. We drank, ate, played games and spilled beans on eachother's shit. And it was something I'd want to remember.)


Cosmos said...

I think it's a wonderful idea to move on. Something about you saying that really strikes me in a "I Should Really Do That Too" kiind of way. I know it will make you happier and things more enjoyable for you, and you really deserve that. So good luck and I hope your New Year has been good so far!


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