Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 4;

Excuse me while I have moment:


oh my god.
oh my god.
oh my god.
oh my god.



Approximately 20mins before bedtime I went and checked the mail and walked to dog. On this frigid night, who knew what was waiting me? Oh. I do. My ACCEPTANCE LETTER to DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (One of Canada's "Ivy League" universities, so to speak). I am VERY stoked on life right now. I am also extremely nervous and anxious and freaking-out-ish, but I can't stop smiling so I assume it's more stoked-ness than nervousness-ness...

I've dreamt of attending Dalhousie since I was... well, probably since Grade 6 when I started thinking about universities. It's going to cost me an arm and a leg - and later in life, the student debt will probably slowly gorge out my eyes - but I DON'T CARE.

So yeah.

The day kind of stinked until then - not for any particular reason. Just recovering from yesterday. And surviving on very little sleep and 3 failed attempts at caffienation (no lies, made 2 separate cups of coffee - one that spilled and one that I forgot at home in the thermos - and then forgot my stach of green-tea at home so I couldn't have emergency caffeine at school). And people being stupid.

AND breakup drama. Why does being in high school constitute taking a moderately insignificant issue and exploding it into vast clusterfucks of idiocy? Moreover, why do actors take other people's drama and make it their own?

Anyways. (this also ridiculously contributes to my uppity mood) Z. broke up with his girlfriend. It was a mutual agreement this morning and this afternoon they were playing 20 questions as friends because they didn't talk as a couple. But everyone is blowing it completely out of proportion and everyone else's relationship are now "on the rocks" and there are accusations flying around like little tweety-birds on cocaine. (yeah, I make sense)

I know that it's stupid to think anything about it... But when I heard they broke up... I smiled inwardly. I know it has nothing to do with me, but a girl can dream right?

SPEAKING OF DREAMS - I had a dream last night about binging. I'm pretty sure that the entire dream was just me eating cakes and junk. I woke up with an absolutely insane craving for icing and cupcakes and all sorts of stuff. I'm not someone who craves sweets. I crave things like sushi - savory things, salty things. Not cake. It was SO odd.

I know it was my mood and my cleanse that made it happen, but it was still so so weird. And upseting - I woke up thinking I had spent all night eating. Then I realized that we definitely didn't have cake or cookies or chips in the house. And it was alllll gooood.


Thora said...

Congrats on your acceptence! I'm new to following your blog. I can totally relate to the salty cravings, it drives me nuts! Good luck & Stay Strong!


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