Monday, January 11, 2010

A Community Effort? Please read!

So, this post is going to be a little wee bit out of the ordinary.

I have little to say about today other than it was moderately successful - save for a forgivable mistake where I ate a small, plain wheat pancake instead of a barley-soymilk pancake (ew, right? but I was running late and had to grab something on the fly) and a sleepless night. End story. What I do have is a few questions and... well, not proposal, but I guess just something to throw out there.

Firstly, and one would think I would know the "right" (is there one?) answer to this, but when is the correct/most accurate time to weigh yourself? Based purely on what I believe to be logic, I usually get up, walk up stairs, pee, undress, weigh myself, then shower.

However, this morning I had a strange experience. I did just that and I came in at 132. What in great blue sky? 8ilbs over night? Nooo. I showered and dried my hair (which, hilariously enough, adds about 2-3ilbs when soaking wet!) At that point, I weighed 137. After having a single glass of water and an apple, because I was kind of confused, I weighed again. This time I was at 142.

That's right, 10ilbs gained in under an hour.

WHAT THE HECK. Can someone tell me what happened? What should I believe?

Secondly, I am doing a project in "Life Management" class about "Healthy Choices for the Teenage Brain". I pretty much kill myself laughing through the class as we "explore" the impacts of unhealthy choices and as the online teacher crones over our less-than-half-assed work sending back responses like:

This is very interesting _____. Well done, you truly explore points that I haven't even thought of! You should talk to guidance.
You seem to have good knowledge about ______. Have you ever had to experience it? Come and talk to me if you want!

or the ever-dreaded

Come see me.
Um. No. I'm sorry if you believe that my response about how parent's controlling their teens internet use does little - if nothing - to prevent cyber bullying is suspicious. It's the truth, sir. Preach. Ugh. Anywho... the project:

I'm doing a "multimedia, informative presentation" on eating disorders. My disdain for the class pushed me to pick the subject as both a matter or ease and a matter of irony because, simply due to the teacher's ridiculously low IQ and my ridiculously impeccable reputation as a student, it will be praised as a work of compassion and understanding.

May I get a L O L?

So, my question to all you lovelies is what topics should I explore about what we know best.

What secrets of our secret society shall I reveal! What shall be kept secret? What would you say? What may be too revealing? Or should I open my cache of thinspo sites and go Ctrl C? What are the most important aspects of this? Misconceptions? Correct stereotypes? You tell me :)

[P. S - Dot you rock my socks right off my toes. ]

[P. P. S - sorry for this ridiculous post. As I said, I had max 30mins of sleep last night. Huzzah, huzzah! ]


Lola said...

I'd love if you could touch on the fact that thinness is not the defining, nor necessarily the driving factor in an ED. You know, ED comes in all shapes and sizes. Just cause a girl's tiny doesn't mean she has an ED, and just cause a girl's fat doesn't mean she doesn't. Also, maybe point out that this isn't thinness for thinness' sake. Thinness is a magical force that will somehow transform my entire life. The disorder doesn't run just skin deep.

Ana's Girl said...

I find that judging your results by measuring rather than weighing is way more accurate. There's so many different things that factor into weight, but if you lose some inches, you know it's for real.

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