Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Walk, Don't Run

This is today's picture. Pretty self explanatory, but I love the colors and the... I don't know, the elementary-ness behind it.

So, the title of today's post should really be: "Good intentions smashed by a shopping excursion and too-long photowalk. Day ends in a bloated, over-stuffed, broke Greene cuddling Z. while crying during the black-kid's funeral scene in Across the Universe because it reminded her of her grandfather's funeral a few years earlier (which she attended spitefully and now regrets her attitude towards more than anything else)."


Story of my life.

Essentially, excersize (besides walking around and trying on grad dresses for 4hrs) and a 30ish minute walk was minimal. Food was excessive, but OK. Everything I ate (sushi, low-cal green tea frozen yogurt and some kind of thin-crust 6' pizza) I split with someone, so that makes it a little bitty better. I did, however, download TONS of music today - everything from Mary J Blige to Spice Girls to Nat King Cole. I'm in the process of cleaning my room...


Story of my life.

Loves. I'm exhausted, so I apologize for the fragmented post. Keep leaving music suggestions... I'll need some for tomorrow for sure!


Mina Belle said...

Skin and Bones- Romance on a Rocketship
Substitution- Silversun Pickups

Ana's Girl said...

"Good intentions smashed by shopping excursion" is just what happened to me too... Ugh. Stay strong; we'll both do better next time. Beautiful picture, by the way.

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