Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Super Smiley Faces :D

This is going to be quick - but I've been sneaking on the internet all day to re-read your guys' comments and I really feel the need to just say THANK YOU so much. It's so stupid to feel suckish when people "ignore you" (which you weren't I know!) or "forget you" over the internet... but it did a little and I feel so stupid because with a flick of a button...

Haha, welcome to my life. Anyways, I will have a real post for you tonight - with something to say actually. I always get SO much love from you guys and I really, truly appreciate it. Blah-blah-blah, rambling.

I am surviving the first day back to school on this crazy cleanse - I feel a lot better already. That's something I really like about this particular diet, you feel it immediately. It's extremely difficult, even for someone who doesn't really care, to get enough calories every day. I felt like a pig yesterday, eating soups, fish, rice, nuts etc all day but in the end it came up to under 900cals...

Oh, right. I have class ;P


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