Monday, January 18, 2010

14 Days

At work last night, I was thinking about how I am going to maintain my sanity for the next two weeks before reading break is over. My need to feel, look, be... skinny is slowly dissipating into a throbbing desire to be confident in my body and to have some amount of control. I have 3 exams to write yet, and I need to have some structure.

I got up this morning and binged for almost 2hrs. Not even a vegetable-ladden binge, but a real binge. I haven't... It's been almost three weeks singe I've done that. Ugh. It feels awful. The worst part? I have to shower still, so I have to face the consequence. Maybe it's a good thing then...

As I was saying, at work I decided that I needed a plan for the next 14 days. Something that is flexible enough to not provoke my latent, ever-present OCD and self-mutilating tendencies, but also something that I can rely on.

So here is my 14 Revitalize Plan
Focus on abs: My arms are alright, my thighs/hips can't be helped by anything other than rapid weight loss. If I can get rid of (or at least tighten) my flabby middle, maybes strengthen my legs, maybe I can live with this for a while. This means:
  • 100 Crunches a day (min 25 at a time)
  • 150 Bicycles a day (min 25 at a time)
  • 50 Squats
  • 50 Push ups (girl ones count... for now!)
Move more: Take at least one 15minute walk everyday

Stretch: Commit to morning (before showering) and evening (before bedtime) stretches and call Chiropractor to get some for strengthening my back.

Take Control: I am almost 18. I need to start accumulating my assets under my own name and begin to become more independent.
  • Get all banking information under my name, invest and open school savings account
  • Change phone plan + start paying for my own bills
  • Sign up for Driver's Education
Revitalize: I crave variety. I become happier if I hang around different people, do different things, focus on what I need to focus on and play later.
  • Commit at least 1hr to studying everyday
  • Apply to 5 more scholarships by Feb 1st
  • Download one new album everyday
  • Take a day and go explore downtown - shopping, art, entertainment
  • Take my camera and take one picture, with a purpose and meaning, everyday
  • Make an effort to have time and energy to be with people
  • Organize my room (it might take 14 days...)
...and that's it.
Wish me luck :)
And thank you for your comments on my last post. They made me feel a little more at ease.

This is my day 1 picture :) It's a self portrait of sorts... I thought it appropriate. Love the colors of this fence.

Oh! P.S Leave a suggestion for any music I should look at! I'd love so see what you all listen to.


Mina Belle said...

Sounds like a god plan girlie!

Ana's Girl said...

That's a fantastic plan, and you're so inspiring, love. I especially love the idea of taking a picture with meaning every day; i might have to try that. I have a camera but it rarely gets used. Lol. Stay strong!
If you like soft music, try Secondhand Serenade or Augustana. If you like metal, the Devil Wears Prada and Bullet for my Valentine are amazing bands. My favorite band to work out to right now is 3OH!3, very upbeat and exciting.

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