Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Did I forget to mention I was carrying the Olympic Torch? Yah... it was incredible... I think. It went by so fast. I think it will hit me tomorrow. I ran with a team of volunteers through a local community.

I woke up feeling fat and ugly. Imagine that. Kept to the regime, though. Unfortunately, I am also confused now because I have been half-convinced to apply-to (and I will get in) to a specialty program at one of Dal's sister universities for my first year. It's more expensive, challenging and exclusive. I'm torn.

I'm also exhausted, if you can't tell. More tomorrow. I didn't study today (bad!) but that's excusable. I'm devoting most of tomorrow to it. This picture on top is a cheat - It's one I took yesterday and it was my favorite from the bunch - but I felt the self-portrait was more fitting for the post. I love it because, despite the seat technically being empty... it's almost like the shadows fill the seat (because they disappear at the top). In the bottom corner is my own shadow, or rather, the shadow of a person obviously taking a photo of what seems to be nothing - begging the question: is there something there? Deep, man. Deep.

The one on the bottom is one taken today. That is indeed the olympic torch and the wonderful sky.

I love you all, and you rock. I'm sorry, I am a terrible, hypocritical person and I am awful at commenting on your blogs, but I always read them!

P.S ANA'S GIRL THANK YOU FOR INTRODUCING ME TO 3OH!3. Keep leaving music suggestions lovelies:)


Lola said...

Hmm if you're looking for a little dark listen, one of my favorites is Bright Eyes. Specifically "Lover I don't have to love". Something about the line "I've got a hunger and I can't seem to get full" just resonates with me.

Ana's Girl said...

Wow. You got to carry the olympic torch? That's absolutely astounding! And i love the pictures, especially the first one. Stay strong but get some sleep, dearie.

Insane Jayne said...

Stumbled onto your blog..
love it.
there no bullshit, airyfairyness, nothing fake at all. its just you..
haha You should for sure post those pics of you with the torch, it one of those defining moments in your life, something to tell the grandkids about;)
Loving that pic 2nd pic too.

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