Thursday, August 6, 2009

Size Kids-7 Designer Sandals/ Day 1

Okay, I have to give a little rant here - so, sorry. So most of us pay attention to fashion, celebs and beauty trends, right? Riddle me this. Since when do 8 year olds need/care about/want 130$ designer shoes?!?! I was organizing shoes today, and this 8 year old (gues-timation) was throwing a bitch fit because her mother wouldn't buy her designer (Prada maybe? I forget) sandals! She needed them for school. If her mother didn't buy them, she wouldn't ever talk to her again. The vastly less expensive ones by A&E (Like, 16$ maybe) were, and I quote, "Fucking shit" and "Not special enough".

Technically, I am part of this generation, but WHAT THE HELL? I wanted to slap that kid upside the face and be like, "When I was your age, if I had shoes that fit I was happy!!! You tool!!!" I sighed and ignored it until, get this, the child pulls out a BLACKBERRY. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. What in the jesus?!?!

Sorry. /rant

Fasting went splendid today, though it was bad planing for the beginning of the day because I slept in and didn't have time to hydrate. For anyone who has fasted/will fast knows the importance of hydrating while fasting! About half way through the day, around 3, I had my lunch break and downed like 2 cups of chai tea and a litre of water. I was happy and now I'm quite looking forward to tomorrow.

These three days will be so great, and hopefully I'll be able to get back on track. 5 ilbs is a lot, but I'd love to get down to 135 by Sunday... I'm working full 8-hr shifts these next few days, in the middle of the day to the evening and parents aren't home in the morning so I have no monitoring...which is the only reason I'm able to do it. I'm extremely sensitive to the "I'm disappointed in you" look, and my mom is sooo good at it. My dad...well he can go die. I'm sure one day he'll piss me off enough to explain why I have so many issues with him, but it's making me angry just thinking about the subject so lets not.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to make it to the gym in these next days because of the fasting and the work hours. It sucks, and I'm seriously craving it. It's raining here too, so biking is out. I'll walk to and from work, which is at least an hour and then walk the dog... do some sit ups and squats and what not, but it's not much. I guess even 200 calories worth of exercise is still good though, since there is nothing going in! I'm terrible at over-doing it while I fast too, and I'd rather not black out in the public again - so I guess it's a good thing.

I came up with another idea for the photo shoot - which by the way, thanks everyone for your support! I'll totally need it when the date come, cause watch me be a nervous wreck! In grade 7, I shaved my head for kids cancer research, and raised 3000$+ for the cause. I still have a few of the beanies and hats that I wore while I was bald. It was an experience that changed my life, I proved to myself I could do whatever I wanted and that I could be confident. It was a test, really. And, of course, I had lost people to cancer. Looking back now, since my grandpapa has died, the experience is even more potent. So, in maybe the last few frames, i'll mess my hair up really good (I can make it go sudo-afro) and wear one of the hats. I really like the idea, it's very special to me.

I've been terrible at reading all your blogs ladies and gentlemen, so i'm off to do so!


Ana's Girl said...

Holy crap. That kid sounds like a spoiled brat. I mean most kids are spoiled these days, but that one sounds even worse. (I didn't mind the rant. This obviously needed ranted about. Lol.)

And i'm sure you'll do wonderfully with the fast. Getting a little exercise is certainly better than none, but please do be careful that you don't overdo it.

I like the idea for the photoshoot. (I'd give some ideas but i'm really bad at creativity. Lol.)

Stay strong, lovely!

heebeejebus! said...

Oh my goodness thank you SO much for this post. I feel like I've eaten too much today and you just reminded me to drink tons and tons of water . Hahaha thanks!

Also THAT KID OMG. That's what freaks me out about having kids, like what if they're 10 or something and start wanting iPods and cell phones and ridiculous shit like that. WHERE DOES AN EIGHT YEAR OLD EVEN LEARN TO WANT DESIGNER SHOES? That's what concerns me the most.

Anyway good luck on your fast! Fast make me very very excited. : ) I'm doing one tomorrow.

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