Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rollercoaster Day

Tomorrow is my first day of my last year in High School.

Every other year, I've been excited. Ready weeks before. Right now, I'm avoiding cleaning my room and getting even remotely ready. I don't exactly know why I'm scared to go back. I know I'm looking forward to the structure, but it also scares me for some reason.

I've had one of those dazed-days, wanting to sleep constantly, but not actually having the energy to move to a bed. I did, however, go for a 30min run/walk. It's something. Not much, but something. Tomorrow, I plan to be doing A LOT of exercise in the form of walking - we're talking 3+ hours... but what does that mean? 600 cals maybe? Not a lot, or enough. I'll run again tomorrow probably. Weights too (thanks for the idea).

I actually don't even have the energy to write here. I just hope tomorrow is a good day and that no one realizes how scared I am. Night.


Rena said...

Good to hear that you had fun at your photoshoot!

Good luck with the first day. :)

Stay Strong!

Ana's Girl said...

You'll be fantastic tomorrow. I'm sure today was just a product of stress. Stay strong!

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