Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lets start with a lie...

So this one time I met someone at a family reunion (don't worry, we're not related), who lives hours away and I'll probably never see again... And... I don't know if I really like him, or if he just mystifies me. Maybe a little bit of both. I'll have to sleep on it, and see how I feel in the morning.

I feel like I'm tied to two horses.

Horse#1- Hate. (the part that's convinced he couldn't like me, I was just the only girl his age there, why not? fat, fat, fat, ugly, ugly, failure...)

If each of 'em pull just as hard.... what'll happen to me.

20 questions: His first, what's your favorite food?
Me, um.


Dot said...

What a weird first question! Usually it's "What kind of music do you like?" haha! I bet he does like you. You're pretty, smart, artistic, and I'm sure you're fun to be around ; ) Just because you're the only girl around a guys age, doesn't mean he'll talk to you. In fact, for me, it ensures they won't talk to me ; D
Stay strong <3

PS-You should totally have some crazy passionate weekend affair with him! ; )

Ana's Girl said...

Aww. I know how it feels to wonder things like that. Every time a guy decides to like me i'm just like um really? and i'm so skeptical. It's like, i don't even like me so how could he. And that is such an ironic fist question. Lol. Just wow.

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