Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Drama and Surprise Parties

This is gonna be a quickie here, just because I'm trying to get back in the habit. For everyone who commented last post about cutting... I don't even know what to say. Blah blah, I don't want to explain it. Haha, Ana's Girl - your comment made me laugh because... carving? Been there done that! So screwed if anyone takes a close peek at my inner thigh.

Anyways, photoshoot went splendid today. What miracles a good camera and lighting can work! I can't wait to get the photos and to put some up haha. I loved that the majority of the time he shot me in very fashion-esque positions/poses and in heels and skinny jeans! As someone who is 5'9" and rarely wears heels... I don't know, just being taller than you already are rocks. He had to stand a stool sometimes ;P. The COOLEST thing he did though is when I told him I brought my camera as a prop be jumped on it an pulled a bunch of his equipment down (tripods/old lights/a ladder) and got me to pose as if I was taking pictures! So cool! Total rush.

There is some major diva drama going down right now. It's ridiculous beyond belief, involving boys, denial, invitations, drugs and sex! Scandalous - welcome to high school, girls. Ugh. But I love it. This is terrible, but most girls my age when they have to deal with scandal they get all high-pitched and slap-fighty. I get logical and sarcastic. I win everytime. More details on this later, it's big and long. Ooh I'm a bad person.

I'm off to the party from which this diva-drama emerged, and it should be very interesting. I loaded up on watermelon and blueberries so I should be able to resist for a while. Hopefully ;P

I am a terrible ED blogger. I swear once school gets in (so in a week) I'll be back on track.

Yum - I do a lot of walking and biking, then sit ups and stuff like that. I used to do weights and elliptical cardio when I had a gym membership. I'm thinking of starting running, I think that would help some =D Thanks for the advice.


Ana's Girl said...

Omg the photo shoot sounds lovely. As someone who dreams of being a model--like all the time--i must admit that i am only INTENSELY jealous of you!!! AAAAHH! But i'm glad you had a good time of it. Stay strong and have a good time at your party.

Yum said...

I'm a giant fan of weight lifting. It's really the only thing I've found that works really well for me. If you don't have any at home, you can just try lifting heavy things like water jugs. (I keep trying to run, but I really am terrible at it.)

Looking forward to photos!

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