Monday, August 10, 2009

I have little good to say about today.

-135 ilbs.
-Bought a tshirt that you can only wear with skinny jeans. Ergo, I have to buy skinny jeans. Ergo, I have to be skinny.
-Talked to E. more.
-Bought some cute business shirts.
-Was slightly productive.
-Fit into size 5. Last I checked, I was a 7/9. (Pants)

-only 20 mins of exercise.
-Didn't get enough done.
-Didn't get to sleep early.

Negatives far far outweight (literally, fuuuck. I was at 135!!!)

Tomorrow is my trip to the government house and the keynote address. I'm really really nervous. I'll take a picture of my outfit, and some pics while I'm there.

Thanks for the comments, I'll respond when I get back. Sorry, I've been freaking awful at this lately. I've been awful at everything.


All about Lily said...

Have a good trip to the government house!
Keep strong.

pokerface said...

You haven't been awful at everything! You're a person, not a machine. Give yourself a break :) well done on the 135lbs. That's so much lighter than you were at the start :)

Ana's Girl said...

You're not awful. 135 is not, by any means, a bad place to be. Just keep trying, darling. You're doing really great. Much love.

..and i still have to play with the fishies every time i come to your blog. Lol.

Dot said...

You aren't awful you silly girl! And I'm so excited for you tomorrow! I remember when you first wrote about getting invited. You'll be amazing I'm sure. can't wait to see the outfit either ; D
You've come so far.
Stay strong <3

'Winnie said...

But you've acheived so much! Never doubt yourself, never never never :) You've got so far, don't worry about the little mistakes you make on the way.
Remember what you told me 'You may have lost the battle, but you can still win the war'

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