Wednesday, August 5, 2009

*happy dance*

Guess who got booked for a shoot?

It's extremely informal, I do my own make up and styling (which is SO exciting), and bring my own props to represent my interests and accomplishments. Ooommggg. The photographer was so great and hilarious and flaming.

I have a few weeks to think - I'm definitely bringing my camera, but what else? How do you represent social justice, volunteering, youth voice, and stage management?!

On a worse note - eating was terrible today. I'm fasting tomorrow, and maybe the next day, and if I can get away with it the day after too. It's just so much easier to not eat anything at all.

<3 Thanks for the comments everyone!


Ana's Girl said...

Congrats! That is waaayy exciting. (And i'm super jealous. Lol.)

Dot said...

Awe yay! I knew you'd get it ; ) Could you get some scales for social justice? And do you have any volunteering shirts? Maybe just some stage props for stage mangt. ;D Anyways, I'm sure it will go so well and you know you have to post the picks on here right?! Haha! I'm so excited for you <3
Good luck with fasting tomorrow darling ; ) I would too, but I'm trying to see if I can actually just plain restrict. It's actually harder for to restrict than fast : ( So true about just not eating being easier sigh.
Anyways, I'm sure you'll do fabulous, and if you ever want to eat, just come on here and post and look at thinspo! : D
Stay strong my gorgeous projectile vomiting model friend <3

Savory Sweet said...

That sounds like such a fun and different kind of shoot! I hope you enjoy it. Have fun planning :)

All my support!!

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