Saturday, August 22, 2009

A new do

Once again, you guys are amazing and your support from my last, ranting, LONG (I can't believe anyone read all that, haha) post. It means a lot. It is weird how we're all in low places right now, K. Maybe some kind of global ana/ed pms? Haha.

So not funny.

Anyways, in the past few days... things have been getting a little better. My mood is so much better, and much more positive. I'm still having issues with compulsive eating, like I eat for 2hours, then that's it all day, or I eat a little at night. My bloat is starting to go away, so that's a good sign. I may have only gained 3-4 pounds this week instead of 15... Work is of course playing a role again, its FINAL CLEARANCE week this week so it's getting really busy, and people are quitting left, right, and center for back to school (which I hate, c'mon have some courtesy people!), so we're short staffed too. You don't realize that being on your feet, walking, lifting, reaching, sorting, carrying for 8hours a day actually helps a little on the calorie burning factor, even though it's not really exercise.

Two of my best friends got back from trips today, and I really missed them, and I'm really glad they're back. Jess and I have a hate-love-mostly-love relationship, we're both stage managers so we've had to get in eachothers face a few times, but otherwise... we just have very similar problems in life (relationship - or lack thereof -, bitches, family, future). She's the very first person who's made me cry IN PUBLIC because she was so upset. She's also the first friend I've snuck out with and talked for hours with at night. She's also one of those girls who is short and STOUT and LOVING it, and I respect and admire that. Anyways, she's been gone all summer, and she's leaving soon for university. I can't wait to tell her about E!

Speaking of him - E that is - we're still talking, but lagg time is kind of breaking it apart. Plus it's via facebook so you know you've edited what you're saying so much to sound eloquent or to send the right message. I don't know, he's.... freaking intuitive, actually. Over the last week we've talked...twice? Both times he asked if something was wrong, if I was ok, etc based on how I was typing/my response time. Damn him.

I've realised of late how much I'm withdrawn from the human race... even just over the summer. I can't make conversation anymore. I was up in the break room today with 5 other girls my age... they were all talking, then kind of waited for me to start up a convo I could join and I didn't. Why? I couldn't think of anything to say.

Another example is when I was at the salon yesterday getting a hair cut (I was there for more than an hour) and I think I talked to the stylist for maybe 10? All the short-n-basic conversations about school, work, vactions etc she started. After that I sat there thinking about what to say. And I couldn't. I didn't prefer either, I just wasn't chatty. And I am SUCH a chatty person. Anyways, I have to go to bed, I am opening tomorrow. Voila - the picture is of said hair cut, and please ignore the un-windex'd spot, my bad. It's shorter, layered differently, thus more curls and less triangle-frizz! Wonderous! I have to say, my hair is one of my favorite parts of my appearance. Curls are a love-hate-but-mostly-love thing... anyways, this is how I generally style my hair on a day-to-day basis. Booby pins + leave-in-conditioner. High five.

I know a few of us are going through a rough patch right now. I really suggest finding a few small, productive-ish goals and doing 2 or 3 a day. Whether that be looking something up on the internet, cleaning your room or whatever, wake up and tell yourself you have these things to complete and do them whenever. You'll feel a little better because you did something ;D

This is a really good site for mini-projects that are all DIY, you might even find a big one that inspires you! It's called Eco-back-to-school-fashionism! mmm.

<3 everyone.


pokerface said...

That's really good advice :) and strangely I just wrote almost the exact same thing on someone's blog before reading this... :S haha

I know what you mean about feeling unusually quiet. I was like that last night and it's not fun. I guess we're just unsettled and it'll pass.

Glad your mood is improving :) the hair looks great btw, and I'm jealous of your bone structure!

Ana's Girl said...

I'm the same way! I just withdraw from people and then when i am around then, i don't have a clue what to say. It's so annoying...

Omg you are so pretty! I'd kill to have your lovely hair and cheekbones!

Thanks for the idea. I'm definately gonna go to that website and find something fun to do.

Savory Sweet said...

I am doing the same kind of compulsive eating. I won't eat anything until like 7 or 8... then I have an urge to eat dinner and then continue eating afterward. Fail.

I love your hair, and you are so smart looking as well. I wish I looked that naturally pretty :)

Thanks for the advice on doing a little project or a goal. I definitely need something tangible. Love that idea!!! <3

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