Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 3 Sucks

FYI, after signing off last night, I continued to surf the internet and jitter around (even though I knew I had to get up in the morning), so I kind of amped myself up to a minor anxiety attack @ 1 am. Lovely, no? Insomnia is fantastic.

Anyways, Day 3 was a success on the fasting front, a failure everywhere else. I can't even begin to explain how much fitting room intimidated me today - it was super busy, so I should be good, right? Wrong. The woman I was working with didn't speak (hardly) any english, so I couldn't ask questions without her just grabbing stuff from me and doing it herself. And, I'm still learning departments and what not, but they put me on close alone for 5 hours... on a saturday. How does this make sense? Anyways, cue my perfectionism, ocd, ed-mentality over-emotional reactions. I just got worried about making mistakes, so I made more because I preoccupied. Ugh. Worse, I was dehydrated because I woke up late and ran to work (making a rather bloody mess of a blister too), so the hunger was very much so there, as were the body aches.

The fun fact that's keeping me going is that apparently by doing my 6 hours of light work while standing I can burn 1000+ cals.

Babysitting, thank god, fell through.

Annoyed that my weight is still 138. Three days and nothing.

I'm being short here cause my parents are home, and I should be asleep (it was the "I'm sooo tired" excuse to avoid McDonalds take out). Maybe I'll actually sleep tonight. I want to keep it below 500 tomorrow... but it'll be hard. Restricting is infinetly harder than fasting. And both parents are home - so I'll just have to not be home. Movie, maybe? night all <3 stay strong.


Rena said...

Haha Insomnia. LOL That's the reason why I'm commenting on this blog at 12:18am when I've had 3 hours of sleep the night before. Lovely. :)

Your work sounded like mine when I was working at American Eagle. Lovely, isn't it? How they just stick you in the least fitting section. 'You don't know much at men's fashion? Wel, that's where you're going to go. Alone.' LOL

Good job on toughing it out though! Such a trouper. I'm sure the scale will move REALLY soon. You've been so good!

Stay strong!

Ana's Girl said...

Insomnia... Ugh. It's awful stuff, but it does tell you that you must be getting somewhere.

I'm sorry that work was hard for you. Hope tomorrow's better. Stay strong.

Dot said...

Insomnia and me go way back. I see it as this amazing curse. Like, I can accomplish so much and sometimes it's fun, but most of the time it's just screwing up my life and makes my skin turn gray : /
I hate hate hate working in clothing stores...I know the misery that is the fitting room. I'm sorry today was bad : ( Get some rest and I'm sure tomorrow will be better <3
Stay strong <3

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