Saturday, December 19, 2009

Well, That was Interesting...

This is going to be short because I feel like passing out, but I need to record this random day.

I woke up and felt wonderful. Then, I binged on sugar-cookies - not so wonderful. I got really depressed and started watching Pro-Ana videos and Intervention episodes - crying all the way through. Then, I showered, cried more, and went at my arm with a pin.

Then I got a call to go hang with Z and the gang. We were going to go up to a lights show but it got super, crazy foggy, so we pulled in at a mall. It was just me and Jess (Z's cousin) so we went grad dress shopping.

I fit a size 2 perfectly.

It made everything a little better. Then, we went hottubbing and played Truth or truth for 2hrs. Another good night :)


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