Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Show Week!

This is going to be mucho short because I literally have 5 mins here.

It's show week. This means a few things

1) 16-18hr days

2) Running/yelling/pushing/holding/fixing for 3hrs straight (gotta burn something, right?)

3) No time to do anything

4) Exhaustion

5) Eating less

6) Feeling more like I'm a part of something

I was feeling so good after last night's opening, I wore a tight-ish sweater dress (albeit, my hips are concealed via cardigan) for the first time. It's been a really, really, really good day so far.

Wish me luck,

Break a leg!

PS. I'm back down to 139. When the hell did that happen?


Ana's Girl said...

I'm sure you'll lose some more weight this week. Stay strong, love, and good luck!

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