Sunday, December 6, 2009

Booty + Retail Therapy

On Friday, we had our dress rehearsal. We also had an extreme winter storm-watch - a foot of snow, 70km/hr winds, and -30degree temperatures. Missing 3 of our techs due to the weather, all hell broke lose. Fights erupted, light bulbs broke, teachers yelled at each other, costumes ripped, blood was shed. It was good fun.

Today, I actually had a very busy, very good, and very light day. I slept OK, got up and helped shovel the drive way (2feet of snow) for an little under an hour (it is estimated by the internets that this burned over 300 calories. I think it's a lie) and then went off to work.

Problem: they changed the schedule without telling me! So, instead of working 1pm-9pm, I actually worked 5-9. Oh bother, 4hours to kill. What ever shall I do? Shop, of course. I found a cardigan, a really cute dress, two basic long sleeve tops and two pairs of jeans... And Xmas gifts.

The goes my paycheck. Whatever.

Is it just me or does buying new clothes, no matter how shitty you feel about the number, make things feel OK? They feel make me feel new too.

Oh, jeez. Soon, I'll be a shoppoholic AND an alcoholic. Oh well. At least I'm not buying food ;) Speaking of which, until about 9pm I had had only about 500cals all day.

Then, unfortunately, I went to an 18th birthday party afterwards. There was all manner of crap, and I did eat certainly my remaining 500cals. I had small victories - no ice cream with cake, no garlic bread with pizza, no chips, no fries, no pop etc.

Anyways, on the most annoying part of the night. I have this friend, Oce, who's gay. She was one of the only people who knew about my weight loss last year. So, you can imagine my annoyance when the first thing she says to me is: "Oh wow! Look at you, babe! You have a booty again!!!"

Yes, thank you. I've gained weight. Thanks. THANKS.

Awkward. I love her to pieces, and I have no problem with homosexuals at all. But, really? Did you have to say that? No.


Ana's Girl said...

I hate it when they change the schedule without telling me. In my case, however, it usually ends up that they call me at 7 am and say "why aren't you here?" Sooo frustrating. But i'm glad you had some fun with your wrong scheduling.
She was probably trying to compliment, but i know what you mean, it cut deep. My one friend once said to me "you look great, like you've filled out a bit." Yes, i'm fat, thanks. Eww. It's so awkward when that happens.

Anonymous said...

Comments like that are always meant well, but they are seldom received as such. I mean not even women without an ED would have been comfortable with that kind of remark. In this case I think it would've been completely OK and not suspicious in any way to tell her that it hurt your feelings. You just never say anything about a woman's weight unless it's because she's lost some.

Show us pictures of the clothes! I just bought a dress today and am looking for a picture of it, so I can show it off :D

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