Friday, December 18, 2009

Best night ever (kind of)

Wow. Ok. So, I went to the party tonight expecting there to be: a) no booze, b) tons of shit food and c) no Z. Well, I was wrong on ALL accounts.

Part A being untrue was amazing. Honestly, like I ranted about earlier, I needed to get drunk so bad. I didn't get trashed, just mildly...well, rather, tipsy. I downed like 2 or 3 jello shots on an empty stomach, then had rum. God. I can't even imagine the calories and fat... but I have resolved to either fast or do soup all day and go to the gym to work off at least 1000 (really only about 2hrs).

Part B was partially true; there wasn't any pizza or anything like that. Just baked goods - btw, I found this amazing fudgy-cake-cookie recipe that costs like 30-40cals a pop. It's a lot less than your average cookie! I ate way to much in that sense, but at least it was only 30-60cal finger foods, not handfuls of chips and pieces of 300cal pizza... maybe.

So, I am drunk. We got to the hot tub. Hell, I don't care if my stomach, scarred and full, is hanging out, I slap on my bathing suit and out I go. How embarrassing. Anyways, we played Five Fingers ("never have I ever" for some). When you get out, you have to kiss someone. For someone who has only ever kissed people during games like this (and it was only two people), this kind of scared me.

But I didn't care. I think I ended up kissing 4 or 5 girls... and PART C. That's right. I kissed (a harmless, innocent peck on the lips just like the girls) Z. I felt a weight come off my chest. This didn't mean anything and it should and it doesn't. I can kiss him and not worry about it. Whatever!

Such a good night.

There was also a secret santa thing going on, 0$. So, I made the girl I was Santa-ing for a CD and a necklace. She's very country-hippie-hipster. It was made of hemp, long, half-hitched stitched. The pendant was a simple, carved, wooden heart. There were two blue beads on each strand and then a tiny dragonfly attached to the pendant heart.

I love making jewelry.

Anyways, she loved it. I mean, she loved loved it. Drunk and sober she loved it - wore it all night and showed everyone. I don't care if she was trying to be nice, it made me feel really good. I'm an attention whore - especially under the influence.

What makes it even better? She is Z's cousin.

God, a great end to a great flipping day. Lots of work tomorrow though! Gotta pay for the indulgences tonight ;P

P.S Was at 139 this morning, sure that'll go up tomorrow.


Lola said...

I love drinking, and you really needed this whole night, didn'tcha girl? But most importantly, "fudgy-cake-cookie recipe that costs like 30-40cals a pop"? Share? Pleeease?

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