Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm supposed to be sleeping, but I thought I should make a quick update.

HIGHS of the day:
  • 12 hour fast (excluding a tomato slice...) 7:00am-7:30pm
  • Dissected a brain! (so amazingly fun)
  • Got some stuff done
  • Socialized
LOWS of the day:
  • 142
  • Emotional binging
  • Almost cut
  • Not productive at all, even though I have SO much work to do
  • Made plans to go to a birthday breakfast at a Dutch Pancake (holy shat calories/fat) Diner.
So, yeah, tomorrow will suck with the breakfast, but even if it's like 500 calories or more, I work for 8 hours after wards and I'm not eating the rest of the day. But it's my friends 18th and all her graduated friends are at university but she decided to take a GAP year. Only tea and water to drink... it'll be ok.

I will get my English work done during my breaks tomorrow, then come home and write my essay... that's the plan anyways. Tuesday looks like it's gonna be my next fast day - I work after school. Anyone wanna join?



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