Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I'm freaking out right now about school work. I spend hours and hours studying and working, yet don't seem to make a dent. The family doesn't care about that fact, and they're forcing me to come on this 3day over-the-weekend trip to the other side of the country where I will have minimum amounts of time to work, and I'll be missing a full day of school. "Oh, it's Friday, it doesn't matter!" Um, classes are still 1hr long, 1hr is a lot of time.

On the eating front, I did decently today as far as no bingeing and skipping lunch. It was a family birthday today, which meant cake, but I didn't go back for seconds or anything (which I almost did because I'd rather drown sorrows in icing than in anything else). Which was a small win. Tomorrow, I'll skip lunch again and hopefully only have a small dinner.

Still sick, still feel like crap. I lost my razor, so I haven't been cutting but BOY... BOY oh boy.


Fleur said...

Hullo. gees i know what you mean about pressure, and family and friends never understand when i need to commit time to getting work done. they seem to think good marks come automatically... yet, 'it's amazing what goes into making something effortless!'. well done on resisting 2nds... cake really is my ultimate weakness! stay strong, you're lovely!

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