Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I dropped almost 10ilbs (all water weight, mind) from the fast tomorrow.

OMG. Love it.

Best start to my day. Then, I aced my Bio test. Got 100% on my social essay. English was a fail, but that's not gonna change any time soon. AND I had no lunch today, and haven't binged tonight. Same plan for tomorrow... I went on a big, hour plus long walk today too. Eeeeee. I'm excited to have a good day.

Anyways. I'm excited to know that beneath the water and bloat, I only really weigh like 136. Which is amazing. But I want to weigh that much with water and bloat. Muahaha. Night.


Ana's Girl said...

That's freaking amazing! Stay strong and stay happy :)

'Winnie said...

WOAH! 10 pounds?
I'm so jealous :)
Well done, stay strong

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