Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hey, I'm sorry I've been... avoiding this for so long.

I've been doing well, and school's 2000x times better. I'm back down to 140-ish, whereas I had a few days up in 146-7. Been living a healthy, active, moderately restrictive lifestyle but hardly anything to be considered as an attempt at weight loss.

I had a good friend of mine transfer into my Bio class, so that's good. The teacher is great, very passionate. Social rocks, as per usual. I'm a total social sciences, history, culture, politics person. English is a gong-show because I bit the bullet and decided to take a risk and transfer in to the AP class. I should have been in it last year, but a number of factors forced me to decline the oppertunity. But, I got 95 in normal english, so it was ok for me to move up. Super upside, I know every. single. person (class of 15!) and the teacher is amazing.

So life is good. Busy, but good.

I had a really shitty day today. My brain exploded a little. I came home and did some lovely emotional-binging. I'm going to the gym tonight to work it off. Not that that makes it okay, I'm just glad I am. I'm also extremely aware of how large I am right now, and I want to change it. Unfortunately, the parents took the first week-or-so of school off so they ensure lunch is packed and breakfast is eaten. I have my two most crazy classes before lunch, and a spare right after, so 3hours faced with food I find daunting. Once they're gone though it will be much easier to skip lunch (i'm a breakfast person), and even a dinner or two.

I'm fasting this Thursday because I don't have school, parents have plans, and I work later on. I plan to spend the day at the library or gym, but probably both.

I'm sorry I've been neglecting. I promise to get better. Bear with me. How is everyone elses' year starting out? I hope not too terribly.



Ana's Girl said...

Very glad to have you back; i missed you. But now i'm jealous because you're losing weight without truly trying. Lol. No, it's ok; i'm really quite happy for you. Stay strong, darling.

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