Sunday, October 4, 2009


I can't believe I haven't updated since Wednesday; I am sorry. It's not even that much has happened... well actually, I guess things have. I'll take it day by day, and I only have 5 mins so just the run down.

Thursday: 140-ish, eating = 600-800cals
Lovely day, father ruined it. Work was painfully slow.

Friday: 140-ish, eating = 1300-1500cals
Shitty day at school, then went out for a girls night/dinner with a friend and talked for hours. Spilled my guts about school, family, friends, (not ed)... she made a comment about how she's amazed I haven't started cutting my wrists over not being about to tell anyone about anything. I felt terrible.

Saturday: 143-ish, eating = don't even want to think about it.
MORE ON THIS TOMORROW. Had a volunteer excursion out at a YMCA day camp. Went on the 60ft human swing. Twice.

Today: Didn't even look or keep track or care.
I'm PMSy. Craving shit. Slept like 13hrs, then went to work where it was INSANELY busy. Exhausted.

Caught up? Haha. <3


Ana's Girl said...

Feel better, love.

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