Thursday, October 22, 2009


I did really good today. The long and short in/out is :

1 Lg Coffee - Approx 100cals (it was mostly black coffee, but a little french vanilla cappuccino. Vast over-estimation, but better safe then sorry).
Granola bar- 130cals
Veggie soup - 150cals
1 small chicken thigh - 70ish cals
=450 cals.

30mins elliptical (-) 300cals
20mins treadmill (-) 100cals
30mins walk (-) 150cals
15mins weights + stretching - don't count.
=550 cals

Deficient = 100ish.

That's so epically happy making. Maybe it's just the endorphins from exercise. I'm exhausted now, though. Feeling a little better about life in general... now. Again, I'm blaming the endorphins which is both good and bad. I know the happiness and careless pep is all false hormones. It's not how I really feel.

I'm sorry this is so incoherent, I can't even keep my eyes open right now. Didn't clean or do homework... I did work out and restrict. I guess a neutral day? Wow, my mind is so gone! Thank GOD tomorrow is Friday.

Mom is going on a rage, I think she's out of her happy pills. Ugh, I'm so beyond caring right now. So beyond it.


fleur said...

Glad you're feeling happier, even though it is just endorphins doing their thang! neutral days are better than bad ones! much love

Ana's Girl said...

Even if it is just endorphins, i'm so insanely happy that you're happy and doing so well. Get some rest, love.

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