Sunday, June 28, 2009

Olive Garden

Its been a week of eating out, chilling, working out and secrets. I'm very tired, I was at a sleepover last night (restrained myself slightly, loaded up on veggies but binged on icing. Eff) which resulted in a grand total of 3hrs of sleep.

I didn't work out today - though I needed to - and I can totally feel it. Its crazy how negative, how much more intense it hurts when you don't exercise in a day (esp. since lately I've been burning upwards of 650 cals per session).

I am happy going to bed tonight though - it was my dad's 50th today and we went out for our bi-century family dinner. I feigned cramps/stomach issues all day in order to get away with ordering a serving of Minestrone soup (only 100 cals!) for an entree, having a few bits of kalimari (max 100 cals) and a bread stick and a half (my worst at about 200 cal). Not spectacular at all, but considering other entress (the next lowest was 380cals) were upwards of 1000 cals, I did well!

I'm excersing for at least 2hrs tomorrow, plus lockers stuff which is lifting. Work those biceps~ Then going to the lake and swimmin' which will burn more too. This weekend was a blur of shitty eatting, but this week will be better. I've lost about 2 pounds so far in a week so that's ok


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