Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hovel Day

I spent the day in bed/watching the computer (I am in LOVE with True Blood).
I don't know what the issue is. Or why I ocouldn't move today.
I'm suffering with skin-allergies right now. It sucks, and it makes me look worse... but in a sick way I like the swollen-rashy face I now sport. People comment on it instead of what I'm wearing... that means they're not looking at my body. So that's ok.
I did okay on my Social exam, math - I have no idea. I'm scared.I had post-test anxiety like hours after wards which means I know I did badly.

Also, official proper weigh in is an absolutely disgusting 147.

Tomorrow is a busy day, running around and partying. But, I'm good with that. As long as I am out of the house. Going to go pick up Chem stuff too...

I'm just rambling now,I don't really have a point to this.

My chiropractor offered me a casual position as a receptionist today... that made me feel really good. He's so nice. My back is a mess though. I'm kind of scared to lose weight because it means that he'll notice and probably tell my parents... or maybe he won't. Least of my concerns.

Damn allergies. I'm off to bed after... 10 hours of being awake.


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